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Based in New York,
J-Tech Creations provides services
internationally through
developers placed all around the world
including Japan.

Our Specialized Fields

Providing Services Internationally With Multinational and Multilingual Support

In the United States - New York and Los Angeles. In Japan - Tokyo and Hokkaido. As well as in Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. Developers from across the globe work together to create custom applications both for enterprises and for the general public. We provide multilingual support in Japanese, English, Spanish, Chinese, Thai, Tagalog, and Vietnamese.



We have been specializing in iOS development since the first iPhone came onto the market. Since then, we have been keeping up to date with iOS development of any kind including the latest iPhones, iPads, and iWatches. Of course we develop for Mac OS and have developed apps for Enterprises. We have also developed a number of iOS games as well. Please check out the App store for some of our Jtech products.



With Android too, we begin developing applications from the time the very first Android device came onto the market. Yes, that was Android 1.4. Androids have gained popularity while at the same time development has become much more complex, due to the need for device versatility. Here at Jtech, Android development has often been requested along with iOS development, proving that we can be your one and only stop for both your iOS and Android needs.

Examples of Mobile Applications Devloped By Our Company

Here are some examples of applications released as a result of our technical research.
  • ThumbFanKeyboard
  • StockPrase
  • TouchSOSA
  • TweetOverview
  • A keyboard application that makes it easy to type with just one hand
  • Stock Phrase for Slack
    An application to track employee work times by posting set phrases to clock in and out of work using Slack
  • An application to control the Touch Bar on a MacBook Pro through an iPhone or iPad
  • An application to view the Twitter Timeline in a glance
ThumbFanKeyboard_iconStock Phrase for Slack_iconTouch SOSA Controller Client_iconTweet Overview_icon


We have over 20 years of experience in developing for Microsoft products. We have developed desktop applications as well as numerous online web applications. Some of the online applications we have developed using Microsoft technology deal with enormous amounts of data. This experience gives us the confidence that we will be able to help you should you need an application with heavy transactions or heavy data usage. Whether the industry may like it or not, Microsoft still is the King in Business Enterprise. And although some people may not prefer their technology because of the usability, this is where we can make a difference. We will work to provide Apple quality service even while using Microsoft technology.



Wordpress is used by giant websites and small personal blogs alike. More than 50 percent of websites are built on Wordpress. So it was imperative that we become familiar with the technologies surrounding Wordpress. As a result we have built experience in developing customized wordpress websites, some even boasting numerous videos and images. We can help you to customize your wordpress sites from theme development to plugin development.


EC Development

Many jump into EC commerce without a long term plan. But like any business, we understand that setting up an EC site is just the first step to building a successful 'online presence'. We are here to help you from the planning stages to building and maintaining your successful online shop. It takes arduous effort but also much trial and error. By using our extensive experience in helping our customers, we are positive we can minimize any setbacks you may experience before reaching your final goal, your 'online presence'.


Gesture Motion Control

We are very interested in what the near future will bring in technology. We at Jtech feel that Gesture Motion Control will be very important in bringing a next level of usability to device users. We have developed apps for LeapMotion as well as for Kinnect. Please take a look at the picture of the entrance system. This technology has already proved successful in use. We were among the earliest pioneers to invest in LeapMotion technology and now have became the leading LeapMotion case supplier using our 3D printing technology.


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